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Molar Fracture

The horse below was brought to us when he started having issues with accepting the bridle, headshaking and unwillingness to go on to the bit. A brief examination showed the cause of the problems was a fractured tooth. Due to the nature of the fracture we removed all loose pieces of the tooth, filed down all rough edges and filled it with a dental filling putty. We will expect to see this horse again in 6 months to check his progress.

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Horse sedated and prepared for treatment


The sedated horse is comfortable being supported by the stocks throughout the procedure.


Fractured tooth, in this case the tooth was packed with old food
within the fracture.


Flushing out the mouth to view the problem and remove old food
from the fracture.


Viewing the tooth using an Equine Dental Endoscope to give the clearest view possible.


The fractured tooth.


The fractured tooth.


After removal of the loose sections of the tooth a general treatment is given where the enamel points & edges were smoothed, molar teeth were floated, hooks & ramps were rasped down and mouth balanced. Then the tooth is dried in preparation of being filled.


Tom applying the dental filling putty.


Tooth filled with dental filling putty.


Tooth filled with dental filling putty.





Molar Fracture & Overcrowding

The miniature horse below was brought to us with various problems apparent. It would be wrong to assume that a small pony will have small problems. For Example, crowding of the teeth in a miniature's head is common since miniature horses have full sized teeth in their compact heads. Dealing with an animal of this size throws up various issues all of which have to be dealt with while on your knees!

We sedate and treat miniatures the same way we do large horses. We have smaller dental equipment for their sized mouths. Unlike a horse though, the miniatures mouth is so small that it doesn't give much room for manuver with very little space between the teeth and the cheek making extraction difficult. The miniature below was in for a fractured tooth, which was removed in part and filled with a dental putty.

The miniature horse prepared for treatment


The sedated horse has sections of the tooth extracted before a general file of the teeth.


The fractured tooth
Overcrowded front teeth.



Fractured 102 Tooth and Treatment

The horse below was brought in as an emergency when his owner noticed that his front tooth was snapped in half. It is likely that it was an old fracture that when knocked snapped. Although it did not appear to be causing the horse any discomfort, it was still important to remove the broken section to prevent infection and decide if a total tooth removal was necessary.

The damaged tooth, it may have been fractured previously with a knock snapping it off.


Although the tooth looks solid, it was fractured the whole way through, only being attached by the gum.


The tooth came away cleanly, needing only capping with Calcium Hydroxide to seal the pulp. Hopefully the gap will be reduced with time, as the tooth grows down.

Flushing out the mouth to view the problem and remove old food
from the One important consideration in cases like this is to keep up-to-date with regular checkups to ensure that the opposing does not grow too long as it doesn’t have anything to grind against.


The snapped section of tooth.












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